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DAIHAN-brand® SMART Digital Ultra-Low Temp. Freezer, Upright-type, “DuoFreez™ U”, -95℃~-65℃ with Smart-Lab™ System, Non-Freon Refrigerants, Auto Vacuum Releasing System, Eco Mode, 308 -/393-/503-/714-Lit 초저온 냉동고, 업라이트형, DuoFreez™ System, 7인치 풀터치 스크린 컨트롤러, 친환경 냉매 채용, WiRe™서비스
▷Model No: DuoFreez U300, U400, U500, U700
▷Model No(구): WUF-D300, WUF-D400, WUF-D500, WUF-D700
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카탈로그 카탈로그 Manual 규격서(DueFreez U300) 규격서(DueFreez U400) 규격서(DueFreez U500) 규격서(DueFreez U700)